Introducing wifemomddh

Hi world! My name is Devin! I’m here to introduce my very own blog that’s all about how I try to keep it together! I’m a wife to an amazing husband, a mom of 2 handsome boys and an annoying yet loving dog (Butch); I work full-time (a non traditional work shift… We’ll have to talk about that later), and a life full of family and friends, whew! I’m planning to share a little piece of my journey through life, as wifemomddh.

I’ve shared that I’m a wife and mommy but I’m still someone who wants to maintain her individuality, hence the initials in my blogs title -DDH. I often share my testimonials on my clean eating habits, losing 19 pounds over the course of two pregnancies, my growing relationship with God, raising two boys under the age of two, and how I approach certain situations in my marriage! I’m also apart of the natural hair movement lol so I tend to share a lot on my hair regimen and products. Oh and how could I forget that I’m an up and coming Family Photographer (You can visit my work here). I plan on sharing my photography tips to help you capture those precious moments of your loved ones.

Anyhow, we all know being both a wife and mother can be overwhelming at times especially when you add in keeping your house in order, a career, and splitting time between family and friends! So my hope is that this blog brings you comfort in knowing that you are not the only one juggling life and trying to find a balance. It’s ok if you don’t have it all together. Sharing some of my marriage experiences, parenting trials, funny stories, house projects, photography, natural hair tips and so much more will surely bring a smile to your face! Let’s see how this goes! Wish me luck!




16 thoughts on “Introducing wifemomddh

  1. Hey cousin! Love your blog and the whole idea of providing encouragement to others who are mommies, wives, and simply those who are trying to find a balance in life! So inspiring! Best of luck to you and your blog!

    New follower aka Bri 😘


  2. Thanks sis!!! I can’t wait to feature you ” Wonder Woman” lol. Followers would love to here you’re testimony on keeping balance while being a successful entrepreneur! Love you much!


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