Babe, I Burnt the Corn!

Sooooo I need to find a balance on writing this blog because I clearly just burned my husband’s lunch LOL. He simply asked me to heat up his food and because I was so lost in the blogging world; I burned the corn SMDH. It quickly got me thinking about how its very easy to get caught up in what you’re doing when you should be paying attention to more important things. Whether you are devoted to your work, obsessed with social media, a “shopaholic”, wild about “Pinterest” (Raises hand), fanatical about gaming/sports (like golf) or hooked on Entertainment (TV/Streaming), whatever your so called addiction may be, we have to learn self discipline in order to achieve a balance with our passions. If we don’t we could possibly miss signs that we are neglecting our loved ones, our home (Raises hand again), finances, or even missing time with God (Raises hand again).

What would happen if you really took the time to restructure your day and actually had the discipline to “focus on the more important things first”. In other words; ” Have your prayer time 1st, clean your house 1st, spend time with your family 1st, actually budget your finances 1st or in my current case lol focus on reheating food, 1st. Though this blog is my new passion I have to find a happy medium. I’ll let you in on how I try to achieve a balance in my busy schedule (keyword try). Each morning I list out what needs to be done. Doing this helps me to think through my day and plan accordingly. Looks like I have to add blogging to my list.

Have you tried listing out your plans for the day? If so does it help? What other ways can you prioritize your day?


P.S- Hubs refused to let me burn another pot of corn for a photograph for this post. Note to self: Take pictures of everything because I may write a post about it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Babe, I Burnt the Corn!

  1. Whoa! What an awesome post! Its like you’re in my house!!! :/ Prioritizing has been a challenge for me, but I’ve learned that when you finally do, everything falls into place. I have been encouraged by today’s post!!! 😉


    • lol Thanks so much Eboni! I failed to mention I burnt the greenbeans too. lol Prioritizing is still a challenge for me because I get lazy especially when things are falling in place! But I’ve learn to just pray and take it day by day! Thanks so much for the comment and truly happy that you were encouraged by this post! Love you much!


  2. I can relate to this post!!!! Getting a good schedule/routine and keeping one is a great challenge. I am in the process of reconstructing a schedule for my family. I will be staying prayerful as I will have to delete somethings from my schedule, add other things, and be more disciplined with many things. Be encouraged!! You’re not in this alone.

    And, thanks for your recent visit to my blog! 🙂


    • You’ve reminded me a time when I actually set down and scheduled out a family schedule for a week! So maybe that’s something you can do. I might need to write a post on that! Lol thanks for the positive words! I really need it. Struggling with staying positive with this blogging. It’s sooooo many moms that blog. I have to remind myself it’s not a competition!


  3. Mrs. Henderson, I feel as if I know you through Aisha, we work together. I will follow your blog and hope to be like you “when I grow up”, great blog


    • Hi Brigitte! Lol yes She’s told me so much about you!!! Thanks for your support. Please keep me Lifted. I love sharing information but struggling with writing this blog. Currently working on two new post. If there’s anything you want to know or just talk about let me know!!! Be sure to sign up for the email! Thanks again!


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