My so called “Good Hair”

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I’m sure my husband can attest to the the countless times he’s seen my hair looking a hot azz mess! And I’m positive that my amazing mother can tell you countless complaints she’s had and still has about it lol. With tangles, dryness, and struggling with ways to maintain my hair it AIN’T easy. The point I’m trying to make is I may have what looks to be “Good Hair” but what most people don’t know is what it takes to get and maintain this so called “Good Hair”.

I know sometime between 2004-2005 I can remember deciding not to get relaxers anymore. This was around the time flat irons were getting very popular and my bestie, Tori, brought one over and I was forever a believer of not getting my hair relaxed. To be honest relaxers didn’t really work for me. My hair would still be wavy/curly just in a relaxed state (wait… I guess that’s why they call it relaxed lol ) Any who, I decided the flat iron was good enough to get my hair straight.


Soon there after (wish I could give an exact date) I stumbled on to leaving my conditioner on my hair (my mom had complaints about this lol). It may not of been the best way to achieve my curly tendrils but it’s what was working for me at the time! The problem was that my hair would get VERY DRY and nappy (YES NAPPY), causing breakage and thinning. Even during this time I would still straighten my hair I would even do twist outs…I guess you can say I was transitioning.



When I got married in 2009 this was a time when youtube hair tutorials were starting to get popular but just wasn’t enough info out there yet. I really had an issue with parts of my hair that had new growth and the ends were relaxed. Occasionally I would straightening my hair but I would try different twist outs and wash and go styles. In my opinion these were the hardest times when I really would look crazy!!! In the midst of becoming a product junkie I was still battling dry hair, breakage and thinning as well as learning how to maintain my twist outs and wash & go’s. Failing at numerous night, morning and refreshing curls routines!


It wasn’t until the last year last 2013 when I was 8mths pregnant with my 2nd child that I had a talk with my bestie, Marquita, about embracing my best qualities. She said she loved my hair and suggested that I learn how to master it! We talked about some other things but this is what jump started me to start researching on how to maintain my curls! Naturally I took to again and was amazed at how the natural hair community had grown over the years. I finally learned my hair type is 3a/b &c. Some of my curly tendrils have 2 and 3 types or curls. I only looked at youtubers that had my hair type and really studied what works for our hair type. That’s when I finally learned about the “Curly Girl” Method or the “CG” Method!


The last time I straighten my hair I was actually in labor with Mr. Cameron lol. Cam is 17 mths old now. So its been 17mths since I straighten my hair. I really started using “CG” friendly products and finding more and more women that learned how to master their curly tendrils! But its still not a cake walk, with raising kids, working full time, and being a wife its just hard to take care of my hair like I need to. I’ll still get occasional complaints from my mother that my hair looks dry and she’ll start questioning what am I’m doing to my hair lol. Most of the time I just don’t have time to do it and it ends up in a big puff ball on top of my head!

Since using the CG method my hair is definitely more healthy! Less breakage, fully moisturized, full of body and I get more compliments when I actually take the time to do it right (even from my mom). However, so that it can continue to be healthy, I’m trying to add a full proper hair routine to my schedule. When I say proper, I mean detangling, deep conditioning, cleanse/co-washing and styling! Whew! Just thinking about it makes me want to put my hair in a high bun and call it a day!!!!



As you can see it been lots of trial and error over many years. Just because I have “Good Hair” Doesn’t mean its easy to make it look like “Good Hair”.  The struggle is real!

Are you struggling with transitioning to Natural curly hair? What issues are you having?



4 thoughts on “My so called “Good Hair”

  1. I thought of the discussion you and I had after my “L.iberate Y.our L.ocks A.gain” challenge on FAT LYLA, on Saturday, because I put rollers in my hair. Why…why did i do it??? After sitting under the dryer, in my already warm apartment, for 20 minutes, I was already regretting the decision. I just got so tired of keeping it curly every day. I felt like it was going to dry out my hair (even though I love the products I use now). I worry that it may be thinning my hair, too. I don’t know what’s going on with it. All I know is, I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I wanted a change, sat under a crazy hot dryer for an hour and a half, then went to a football game in an open stadium in +80 degree humid weather. Definitely not the best idea. Did all that work and suffered through that blasting heat, just to end up sweating it out and looking like Diana Ross…but far less glamorous. Lesson learned! Will be sure to check out Youtube. Thanks for the post and suggestions!


    • Lol I know the feeling oh too well! I know for me if I try to straighten my hair or even do a roller wrap it will last at most two days before the humidity hits it! I’ve just learned to do low manipulation styles and tend to only wear my hair out on weekends or on special occasions! So I play with different twist and coil outs.


  2. I really envy people like you who can do anything with their hair. I also have curly hair but I really don’t have the guts to really straighten my hair all out. HIHI I think I’m just too lazy to anything with my hair before going out or before going to work. And also, my hair is really brittle that’s why I’m kinda scared on “experimenting”. ^_^


    • I understand. As this post shows its very difficult to maintain and I too can relate to being lazy with my hair. I think you should definitely experiment. Research something you can try for a weekend. Let me know if u decide to try it out!!!


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