The Henderson Boys

I’ve taken the time to introduce myself, my marriage and my hair lol, now I would like to talk a little about my handsome boys Ryan Jr and Cameron! Often referred to RJ and Mosee. I know what you’re thinking Mosee from Cameron… how did that happen? Well the nickname Mosee was given to Cameron from his paw paw. When Cameron was younger and able to sit up he bounced a lot so his paw paw would call him “My Cam-moskee” eventually we all started calling him Mosee.

April 2013-Cameron @ 2mths old

April 2013-Cameron @ 2mths old

RJ had his 3rd birthday on August 13th and Mosee  is 17 months old, turning 2 in February 2015. They are both a joy to be around and please believe they are totally different when it comes to their personalities. It was a challenge for my husband and I to adjust to them both but that all comes with parenting.

RJ loves his spider man, to sing and dance. He also likes any type of string (yes strings), watching TV and his little race cars. RJ dislikes most foods and very recently he is afraid of snakes, balloons that pop and the bouncy house thingy oh and fireworks lol.

Mosee likes his “Teddy”, music, dancing, the child proof cabinet locks, great conversation and food! He dislikes TV, hugs and kisses, lol! We literally have to fight for cuddle time! lol Oh and Mosee will definitely let you know what he doesn’t want! lol

As you can see they are both different and special in their own way. lol

As for the brotherly love… Right now its more of them learning to tolerate one another. They are already starting to do the boy thing where they play fight ( tackling each other) so if you were to walk in our house right now you will hear us constantly saying no hitting, no kicking, no biting, no pushing! We are trying to teach them how to play together. Lately, I’ve been trying a creative punishment of “HOLD HANDS” (more on that later).

But all and all they both are great kids and I’m truly grateful that God chose me to be their ma-i (that’s how Rj says my name).

Stay tuned for the challenges and adventures we experience with the Henderson Boys!

Feb 2014 Cameron at 11 mtgs old Ringling Brothers Circus

Feb 2014 Cameron at 11 mths old Ringling Brothers Circus




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