Overloading a New mom

What to Do?

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein

It starts from the moment you find out you’re pregnant! Advice from family, friends, strangers, doctors and various websites. Not only can it be overwhelming but also very confusing and stressful. When you get overloaded with ton’s of parenting information you start to lose your instincts, your gut feeling, your common sense. You go through a moment of should I listen to my mom, best friend, sister, co-worker or go with what the doctor says, lol?

I believe knowledge is power therefore, if you’re getting conflicting advice then GO research it for yourself! Go to the websites, talk with your family and friends. Let’s face it, You’re going to be a mom regardless so you might as well seek info from those you trust and love! As for processing all that advice I would suggest that you pray for direction, evaluate your findings and use your instincts to determine your answer.

For those that are giving advice to these moms… as much as you want to give your two cents… TREAD LIGHTLY! You have to take a moment before speaking and remember how it was when you were in their shoes.

For the moms to be and current mothers, as stressful as it is you have to know that EVERYONE has your best interest at heart.

How did you process the overloaded information from your love ones?



10 thoughts on “Overloading a New mom

  1. Ok so I will just say this; YES! SO TRUE! I am a first time mom, and my little one just turned one. He is the happiest and healthiest baby a mommy could ask for because I take the time to know things for myself. I am working on a post now about my first year of motherhood. I received so much advice that my son’s health would be all over the place if I would’ve listened to everything. All babies are created different, that is why it is important to study and learn your child. Because I studied for myself, I was confident in myself when making decisions for him. I am still learning every single day. It is important for me to remain confident in caring for my child. Great post!

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    • Congratulations on your bundle of joy and thanks so much for the comment!Just turned 1 huh? wow doesn’t the time fly by! I can already picture my boys graduating from highshchool. lol I’m happy you took the time to do the research for yourself! It makes a world a difference to weigh the pros and cons! Good luck to you and your blog! Let’s support each other!


    • Hi Miya! Thanks for commenting! Very true! Very True! But what do you do when everyone wants to give you advice? What’s the best way to receive the advice without feeling overwhelmed? Sadly I feel new moms will have to be prepared for any advice coming their way 😦


  2. OMG! I almost went nuts with trying to process everyone’s two cents while pregnant & even now with a 16 month old. Venting to my husband was big – it helped keep me sane, lol. I understand everyone’s body is different, therefore everyone’s delivery experience, health and condition of their baby will be different. I listen and digest advice from others, then apply if needed. We’re big on research and communication with our pediatrician so that’s mainly what we follow.


    • Awe a 16mth old?! How sweet! Its great you’ve found what works for you! It’s always hard to process tons of advice. I mainly do my research online first lol (my hubby calls me the google queen), then I have a couple circles of moms that I seek advice from if needed though lately I feel like I’ve been giving out advice. Funny how when you become a wife or a mom you can offer suggestions that may help others! I don’t mind it at all! I’m overloaded with information and I want to share with anyone that wants to listen! lol

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