To the Unbalanced Balance

DevelopAWayToBalanceI’m here to tell you it’s ok if you don’t have it all together. Heck, understanding that you don’t have a balanced life is half the battle! For one, you’re human and two, no one is perfect. We are all dealing with the many stresses of life. Whether it be work, finances, your physical health, marriage/relationships, parenting, or becoming a new mom or father… we’re all trying to find that common ground. In order to relieve these stressors, you have to “develop a way to balance“. We will forever bounce between the unbalanced and balanced.

Developing ways to maintain the two is achievable with a little bit of patience, planning, and understanding.

It may mean numerous trails and errors to achieve this but it is necessary if you want to be happier, healthier and stress-less. Though my balance is still in the developmental stages, I already have moments of relieve. Through prayer/meditation and taking the time to plan ahead, things have been going a little smoother for me and my family. I had to create a schedule for my family and my home so it wouldn’t be so much of burden when I needed rest, when I needed quality time with my husband and when I needed to keep the house in order. I had to develop a budget so we would stop over drafting our bank accounts! I had to find ways to eat healthier in order to lose weight (still working on the exercising aspect, lol). But through it all I’ve learned to roll with the punches life gives us and most importantly trust God during those times.

To my unbalanced balance, you are not the only one juggling life and trying to find a happy medium. Follow me as I share the many highs and lows of my journey as a wife and a mother. If I can help one person to overcome the many stressors that comes with being a wife and/or a parent through my life experiences then I know that this blog was worth it!

Have you recognized the stressors in your busy life as a parent, husband or wife, or maybe the stress that comes with your finances and relationships? What steps have you taken to be stress-less?

-Devin D. Henderson



6 thoughts on “To the Unbalanced Balance

  1. WELL SAID I’m Definitely at that place in my life and need to get it together asap. And I’m sure through your transparency u will touch and help other people recognize and grow.


  2. I feel like you wrote this for me!!!! I am just trying to stay above water and as soon as I get a little air the waves coming crashing over me again. I am now finding that I have to make time to be in the right mind get away form the negative and keep my mind on the lord.


    • Finding a balance is hard! The minute you get adjusted to the new flow is the same minute you have to readjust. Thanks for commenting! You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Here’s something that is sure to make you smile. Taken Partially from Jesus Calling-January Day 23 “… Share a secret smile with Me, knowing that I understand…Whisper My Name in loving contentment, assured that I will never leave you or forsake you.”


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