15 Minute Cry it Out- Our method

Struggling with getting rest and having quality time with my husband I had to compromise on letting my little man cry it out. The pediatrician said it was time and plus hubby kept saying I was babying him. I took to Google and read how hundreds of moms did the cry it out method and found something I was willing to try.

Disclaimer: Please note this method was not used to ignore my babies while they cried. It was simply a method of sleep training my children. Some may call it a “Controlled CIO method”. Please use you’re best discretion when deciding to start CIO. For me I sensed that both of my boys were only using me (breastfeeding) to pacify themselves knowing that they were fully fed, changed and burped and ready for bed.

Ok here’s my CIO method.


  1. Of course before the CIO make sure all his needs are met!
    • Fed, Fresh diaper, burped and if gassy get as much gas as you can get out of him, lol
  2. Lay him down and walk away (this is a great time to develop a night time routine).
    • We usually read a book, turn off lights and say prayers
  3. If and when he starts crying the 15min countdown starts.
    • You can use the timer on your phone.
  4. During the 15min:
    • No interruptions!
    • No Peeking!
    • No Calming him down!
    • Don’t let him even sense you’re near!
  5. If he is still crying after 15 min go pick him up and calm him down until he closes his eyes.
  6. The moment he closes his eyes lay him back down and walk away and repeat the 15min cycle!
  7. IMPORTANT and the hardest thing! You have to let him cry completely for 15 min!!
  8. If he stops crying for 1 min during the 15 min THEN 15 MIN CYCLE STARTS BACK OVER!!!
    1. It has to be a complete 15 min of crying before you can go calm him down!!
    2. If you need to cry along with him that’s fine as long as you’re no where near him!

Chances are your baby wont cry longer than 5-10 minutes and if they stop during that time they are learning to self sooth and most of the times they drift off to sleep for a few minutes and just happen to realize they are sleep and want mommy or daddy and wake up crying again.

RJ didn’t cry longer than 7 min on the first night. I only had to repeat this cycle twice as far as starting the cycle over because he never cried for a full 15 minutes. It only took him 2 days to start sleeping through the night at 11 weeks old. With Cameron I think he did cried off and on for 12 minutes. Repeating the cycle 3 times a night (also not crying for a full 15min) I want to say the method only took 3 days for him to start sleep through the night at 6 months old.

Though my boys are ages 3 and 1 I still use the CIO method but more of a 5 minutes cycle. They sleep through the night so chances are if they are crying its for a reason. Depending on the cry I usually wait 2-5 minutes before going to calm them down.

If you feel 15 minutes is too long you can try knocking 5 minutes off 🙂

Let me know if you’re trying the CIO method and if it worked for you!


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