The kids are asleep- Date Night!!

With all that we got going on, our jobs, kids, family and friends we have to remember to take our spouse off the back burner.  In order for me to get some quality time with my hubs, I had to develop a night time routine for the boys. That’s when I finally broke and compromised on this Cry-It-Out method.

It’s really important that we have a schedule not only for the boys but for us so that we can enjoy each other, recoup and prepare for the next day. Once we got the kids night time routine set, by 9pm Ryan and I have time to kick back and relax for an in home Date Night!

DateNightYour date night at home maybe dinner, a home movie, your favorite TV show, a late night dessert, a nice glass of wine or watch a movie… We love watching independent films on Netflix. If you have Netflix you MUST check out the following:

35 and Ticking   TiMER   The Great Divide   My Sister’s Wedding

The Best Night Ever    Redemption of a Dog    Dysfunctional Friends

Sometimes we’ll play lol or look at old pictures with each other. Other times we may decide to sit outside on the front porch (with the baby monitor) while looking at night fall. Some nights we may put on some tunes and dance for a little bit. 2-3 times a month we draw a bath and relax while listening to some Neo Soul. Oh and recently we added a massage table to our “Henderson Relaxation”, while currently using Youtube University to learn different massage techniques, lol.

Point is there are a lot of things to do once the kids are sleep.  No need to search for a sitter, no need to get all dressed up, and no need to spend money (Unless you want to)! Light some candles and enjoy each other!

What are some things you do to keep the romance alive?



4 thoughts on “The kids are asleep- Date Night!!

  1. Sometimes we cook together. After I’ve cooked for the kids and they are in the bed at 8 we’ll have our own special meal together.

    I agree making that time is so important for a marriage. I think we both look forward to 9 when it’s just our time to unwind. I can’t wait until the weather cools off so we can light up the fireplace!


    • That’s a great idea! I know right…I can’t wait to snuggle by the fireplace!! The other day I was just telling hubby he needs to start collecting fire wood! Thanks for stopping by!


    • Thanks so much Paige! Yes it is important to get these moments in even if its just for 30min! Now if we could just travel a little more like you two… lol! Thanks again for the visit! Be sure to share with friends!


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