Preparing for the new addition…

Last week I was posed a question from my dear friend “How I’m I adjusting with being pregnant with Baby #3?”. I responded, “nothing to really adjust at this point besides making sure my two BUSY sons don’t ram me in the tummy”. So I’m back to that whole, you know, protecting my stomach. Blocking anything that comes closer than 2 feet! Honestly, I can’t really focus on the adjustments until I get to the Third Trimester. Besides, RJ (age 3) is going through the terrible 3’s “Telling me what he’s not going to do” (Lord give me strength), and Cameron (age 21 mths), is already starting terrible 2’s “Doing whatever the heck he wants” (I pray again Lord give me strength). lol

Rj&Cam after a fresh cut and wash!

Rj&Cam after a fresh cut and wash!

RJ knows there is a baby in Ma-e’s (mommy) tummy but only when you ask. So if he is starting to be rough I just say “RJ, where is the baby?” He replies (often shouting) while pointing to my belly, “In Ma-e’s tummy”! Then I say “You have to be mindful of the baby. You don’t want to hurt the baby, therefore you must me gentle with Ma-e, ok?” He always response “Ok”. Then I try to get him to talk to baby but he runs off! Lol

Now Cameron is too young to understand, though he is older than RJ when Cameron was baking in the oven. I don’t think Cameron will comprehend a baby growing inside of me until either after he turns 2 or when he can feel baby moving. So my focus right now is just to get through these phases with the boys! Cameron will be starting potty training immediately when he turns 2 in February (Stay tuned for my Kickstart Potty Training in 3 days). My Plan with RJ is just to get him to stop with all the whining and talk his feelings out to us!

Rj &Cam doing homework

Rj &Cam doing homework

As far Me and hubby preparing for the new arrival, well we are just mainly trying to get our finances in order and planning to have a credit card and our new car paid off by the time the baby turns one in 2016. Now I don’t know how likely the plan will work, if successful I’ll share how we made it happen! If we are able to pay those things off then when Baby Henderson turns one (OMG) Rj will be heading to kindergarten, which means one of two things we can keep him in Christian Private School (paying tuition for 3 kids) or send him to a charter school (No tuition, paying tuition for 2 kids).

Those with two or more kids how did you start preparing for the little one’s arrival?



4 thoughts on “Preparing for the new addition…

  1. Congrats to you!!! Adorable blog! Cute boys! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and commenting on my lessons of the year! Your family is growing to 3 kids (thats what I have!) I think 3 is the BEST number!


  2. Awe thank you so much! Unfortunately I fell ill during the holidays and didnt have time nor energy to write a post on my lessons learned. Maybe at the end of the year I’ll have better luck. I’m soooo hoping for a baby girl and we maybe complete!


  3. I am coming to you from one mommy to another. I just posted Baby Jai’s announcement on my blog, and I am in need of some pointers (lol). You have two boys and pregnant with your third. I have one boy (only 15 months) and pregnant with my second. Any tips for a mommy expecting with a little one to care for?

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  4. OMG Congrats!!!!!!! I truly love the annoucement!!! Its going to be a challenge but you are definitely in a better position than I was. Lol you have to start preparing your mind for the terrible Twos stage so the best thing to do is guide him into independence!!!! Potty training, cleaning up his toys, eating by himself, putting on his clothes, and of course using his words more to talk to you (a huge challenge for us)! You have to think Rj was 17mths when cameron was born (smh) so we had just started potty training, I can remember breastfeeding in the bathroom while training Rj how to potty lol and we were in the midst of terrible twos (which happened not be so terrible just ALOT OF WHINING…cameron on the other hand JUST DOES WHATEVER HE WANTS SO WE ARE CONSTANTLY CORRECTING HIM lol). As for you and preparation just start thinking about the normal stuff the kids don’t have to worry about, finances, child care, start racking up on diapers, where will baby sleep, is there anything u want to do that you didn’t get to do with baby Jai, choosing baby names, and start planing those date nights now because it’s going to be even more important to make sure u have that quality time with your hubby. It’s amazing how things just kind of sort falling into place for you! Again congrats! If u have any other questions I truly don’t mind sharing my experiences with you!!!!!


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