Precipitous Labor

Ryan helping me through an intense contraction minutes after walking from triage to the delivery room. And Minutes before giving birth in the bathroom.

Ryan helping me through an intense contraction minutes before giving birth in the bathroom.

Some of my friends may call me a super woman when it comes to giving birth naturally (vaginally, with no drugs) truth is I was surprised myself how I gave birth to my handsome boys. I don’t know if it’s because of the investment in birthing classes we took, or how much I grew closer in Christ during each pregnancy? I like to think both. Can you believe I was little nervous about getting pregnant a 3rd time? I feel like when I go into labor this go round, I’ll have this one at home or maybe in the car on the way to the hospital. Or if I sneeze the baby will just come out!! lol I’m serious! RJ’s delivery was quick and painless (Yes, I said painless). I started laboring at home at 5am went to the hospital by 5:45pm and was 5 cm dilated and had him by 9:45pm. His was nothing like Cameron. With Mr. Cameron I remember that day oh too well. I starting laboring around noon (while in the of process getting my nails done, getting my car emissions test, and pressing my hair lol), we went to the hospital at 3am @ 4 cm dilated and had him in 45minutes!

Now what most don’t know is because I/We were expecting everything to go like my first I thought I was going to have more time to labor and go through some of the laboring techniques I learned from Confident Childbirth of Atlanta when I was pregnant and in labor with RJ. While having maybe 5 or 6 intense contractions (Mind you I did not have this with RJ!!) I had just walked from triage to the delivery room and I just had to potty (It felt better when I sat on the potty). The nurse allowed me to go and said to be quick because I needed to get back on the monitor. Ryan escorted me to the bathroom and I sat down on the toilet for no more than 45 seconds…my water broke and Cameron’s head was coming! First signaling Ryan with my wide eyes and then cursing up a storm, he quickly tried to pull me off the toilet to get back to the bed. I took two steps and Cameron came out and fell on the floor faced down. The embilicord snapped. My darling husband calmly released my hand and picked our new little baby boy up off the floor and opened the bathroom door and laid him on the bed. (My husband thinks he didn’t hit the floor and believes the cord broke his fall.)

Holding Cam for the first time

Holding Cam for the first time

As I’m standing at the door of the bathroom my mom in law quickly grabbed me PRAYING ALOUD and I was just there eyes wide open in shock (replaying and thinking how did this happen in my head) as I was repeatedly, asking is he ok, and repeatedly apologizing. I was blaming myself for fighting through the intense labor and not listening to the triage nurse that said earlier not to sit on the toilet but was only doing what I was allowed to do with RJ.  When my mom in law was asking questions about what happened the nurses that were cleaning Cameron up over heard us and learned that he fell on the floor and called for an emergency 12 hour hold in the nursery for observation.  Thank the Lord Cameron was just fine. My MD says I have what is known as “Precipitous Labor” or “Fast” Labor.

My my my, no matter how many times I think about that day I think of all the things that could’ve happened and then I turn around just praising God, grateful that my little handsome man is thriving. At my 6 week postpartum my MD said “next time, and there will be a next time because we have to try for a baby girl”, she wants to induce me so they can monitor me. I told her “you know I don’t like drugs” and we’ll have to talk about it, if and when the time comes. However, I definitely promised the moment I start laboring I’ll head in. I haven’t seen my MD during this pregnancy yet only her associates but they remember my story and already have me listed as “Precipitous Labor” lol so they already know when I come in for labor to have all the nurses on alert to stay near. lol

Cameron's Birth Announcement

Cameron’s Birth Announcement

So could you blame me for being nervous about this next delivery?? I know God’s got me no matter what which is why I decided to give it all to Him and we decided to follow one of His many commands and continue to grow our family! I’m just praying for a safe labor and delivery no matter how baby decides to come. I just hope hubby is ready if it does happen to go down at the house. lol I wanted to share my story to show that precipitous labor is VERY REAL!

Do you have any fears about labor and deliver? If so, what are they?


5 thoughts on “Precipitous Labor

  1. Wow is all i can say! You are a trouper! I mean i wanted so badly to deliver vaginally and was unable to after 12 hours of labor. I did not dilate past 3/4 cm & water had already broken plus i was 41 weeks 😳 so i had to have c-section. We were devastated but had to do the best thing for me & baby.

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    • lol Thank you nattikelli! I’ve heard stories just like yours (friends close to me) and very heart breaking to hear but you are right at the end of the day we got to do what’s best for mom and baby! I know most think they can’t have a vaginal delivery after a c-section but its possible you just might have to talk to a few doctors that have done V-BACs. Thanks for sharing you story and happy you and baby made it through safely.


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