Some days I’m organized… most days I’m not!

If you happen to come into my home as a first time visitor the house would be neat and clean, well minus the many stains on the carpet, lol. When family and friends are planning to come by I give them a disclaimer: my house is a mess and I don’t plan on cleaning it today. I’m sure having a lazy spirit doesn’t make it any better, but I’m trying though. I wish I could afford a live in nanny to keep help keep us on a routine or a maid just to help with cleaning! With keeping the house tidy and the boys on a schedule, finding a balance to this beautiful madness is challenging. As much as I would love to keep the house spick and span sometimes I find it pointless.


This quote I recently saw is the perfect analogy (FYI: I tried not to use this quote but it was hilarious). A few examples, you just cleaned the table so the boys can eat a snack and they just open the vanilla “Oreo” cookies and smear the filling all over the table. Lol or you just mopped the floor (that you haven’t been able to get to in you don’t know how long) and Mr. Cameron comes and spills juice all over the floor because he wants his big brothers cup, by the way you do know that when that cup falls it splatters on the walls, and legs of the chairs. Don’t let me get on trying to fold clothes and they either come step all over them or throw them to the side because its in their way! It’s funny when I look back at it but I surely wasn’t laughing then.

So with that said I have to clean when they are not home or are already off to bed which most of the times I’m tired and I’m not too far right behind them. Lol Now something that’s been really hard to do especially since I’m pregnant is keeping the boys on their routine.

On a good week our schedule is as follows:

Morning routine Wake-Potty-Morning Worship-Brush teeth, Wash face- Get Dressed- Breakfast- School

Afternoon routine Undress to something comfy-Snack- Homework-Playtime

Night routing Wash up-Dinner-Bath-Reading-Prayers-Lights out

Next week may look something like:

Morning routine Wake-Potty-TV-Get Dressed-Breakfast-School

Afternoon routine Snack-TV/Playtime

Night routine Dinner-Prayers-Lights out


Lol It’s sad when I see it listed out but hey it happens. Sometimes we may get an unexpected invitation to an event or dinner, sometimes we may go to the grandparents’ right after school and stay longer than we wanted. Sometimes the kids aren’t having a great day or they are going through a new phase that we have to stop and adjust to as well as spend more time talking to them about the do’s and dont’s. And sometimes Ryan and I may have had a long work week and just don’t have the energy to keep the routine intact. So when I’m on point with the daily routine I usually plan ahead by making sure the both the boys and I clothes are laid out the night before so that in the morning we aren’t rushing so that we can achieve the morning routine without skipping a beat.


From the outside looking in some may think we run a tight ship and it is clearly far from that. Lord knows being a wife, mom, being pregnant and having a full time job ain’t easy. Knowing that you will always have trouble (John 16:33), I’ve learn to roll with the punches. Learn what works for you and your house hold. Do what you can, when you can. If the energy exist then we’ll clean up when the boys aren’t around to mess it up and whenever I find a place for everything I know that will help with organization as well. I will also try to plan ahead so that we can keep their routines on track.  Some days I’m organized… most days I’m not and I’m ok with that.

What are some ways you keep organization in your home?


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