My so called “Good Hair”

IMG_3508 copy

I’m sure my husband can attest to the the countless times he’s seen my hair looking a hot azz mess! And I’m positive that my amazing mother can tell you countless complaints she’s had and still has about it lol. With tangles, dryness, and struggling with ways to maintain my hair it AIN’T easy. The point I’m trying to make is I may have what looks to be “Good Hair” but what most people don’t know is what it takes to get and maintain this so called “Good Hair”. Continue reading


Introducing wifemomddh

Hi world! My name is Devin! I’m here to introduce my very own blog that’s all about how I try to keep it together! I’m a wife to an amazing husband, a mom of 2 handsome boys and an annoying yet loving dog (Butch); I work full-time (a non traditional work shift… We’ll have to talk about that later), and a life full of family and friends, whew! I’m planning to share a little piece of my journey through life, as wifemomddh.

I’ve shared that I’m a wife and mommy but I’m still someone who wants to maintain her individuality, hence the initials in my blogs title -DDH. Continue reading