Special Announcement


Well, as you all can see Mr. Cameron just announced he is going to be a big brother! Yes, we are expecting our 3rd bundle of joy, June 2015! We are truly excited because we/Hubby couldn’t wait to tell our family and close friends. Continue reading


The Henderson Boys

I’ve taken the time to introduce myself, my marriage and my hair lol, now I would like to talk a little about my handsome boys Ryan Jr and Cameron! Often referred to RJ and Mosee. I know what you’re thinking Mosee from Cameron… how did that happen? Well the nickname Mosee was given to Cameron from his paw paw. When Cameron was younger and able to sit up he bounced a lot so his paw paw would call him “My Cam-moskee” eventually we all started calling him Mosee.

April 2013-Cameron @ 2mths old

April 2013-Cameron @ 2mths old

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