Precipitous Labor

Ryan helping me through an intense contraction minutes after walking from triage to the delivery room. And Minutes before giving birth in the bathroom.

Ryan helping me through an intense contraction minutes before giving birth in the bathroom.

Some of my friends may call me a super woman when it comes to giving birth naturally (vaginally, with no drugs) truth is I was surprised myself how I gave birth to my handsome boys. I don’t know if it’s because of the investment in birthing classes we took, or how much I grew closer in Christ during each pregnancy? I like to think both. Can you believe I was little nervous about getting pregnant a 3rd time? I feel like when I go into labor this go round, I’ll have this one at home or maybe in the car on the way to the hospital. Or if I sneeze the baby will just come out!! Continue reading


15 Minute Cry it Out- Our method

Struggling with getting rest and having quality time with my husband I had to compromise on letting my little man cry it out. The pediatrician said it was time and plus hubby kept saying I was babying him. I took to Google and read how hundreds of moms did the cry it out method and found something I was willing to try.

Disclaimer: Please note this method was not used to ignore my babies while they cried. It was simply a method of sleep training my children. Some may call it a “Controlled CIO method”. Please use you’re best discretion when deciding to start CIO. For me I sensed that both of my boys were only using me (breastfeeding) to pacify themselves knowing that they were fully fed, changed and burped and ready for bed.

Ok here’s my CIO method.

15CIO Continue reading