Overloading a New mom

What to Do?

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein

It starts from the moment you find out you’re pregnant! Advice from family, friends, strangers, doctors and various websites. Not only can it be overwhelming but also very confusing and stressful. When you get overloaded with ton’s of parenting information you start to lose your instincts, your gut feeling, your common sense. Continue reading


The Henderson’s – “Ordinary People”

Since my 1st post on introducing myself and my blog I’ve been brainstorming on what to post next! Often when tidying up my home I listen to my NEO Soul station on Pandora (Note: I said tidying not cleaning lol). My husband came home for lunch and then John Legend “Ordinary People” came on. I smiled and said thats it! I should talk about our marriage first!

Photo Credit: Mike Newman of http://shanemichaelphoto.com/

Photo Credit: Mike Newman of http://shanemichaelphoto.com/

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Introducing wifemomddh

Hi world! My name is Devin! I’m here to introduce my very own blog that’s all about how I try to keep it together! I’m a wife to an amazing husband, a mom of 2 handsome boys and an annoying yet loving dog (Butch); I work full-time (a non traditional work shift… We’ll have to talk about that later), and a life full of family and friends, whew! I’m planning to share a little piece of my journey through life, as wifemomddh.

I’ve shared that I’m a wife and mommy but I’m still someone who wants to maintain her individuality, hence the initials in my blogs title -DDH. Continue reading