Henderson Command Center


Do your counters look like this?


Sad to say but yep this is mine in the kitchen area! Here’s another image to show the mess of papers, receipts, books, art projects, mail, etc.

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Babe, I Burnt the Corn!

Sooooo I need to find a balance on writing this blog because I clearly just burned my husband’s lunch LOL. He simply asked me to heat up his food and because I was so lost in the blogging world; I burned the corn SMDH. It quickly got me thinking about how its very easy to get caught up in what you’re doing when you should be paying attention to more important things. Whether you are devoted to your work, obsessed with social media, a “shopaholic”, wild about “Pinterest” (Raises hand), fanatical about gaming/sports (like golf) or hooked on Entertainment (TV/Streaming), whatever your so called addiction may be, we have to learn self discipline in order to achieve a balance with our passions. Continue reading