The kids are asleep- Date Night!!

With all that we got going on, our jobs, kids, family and friends we have to remember to take our spouse off the back burner.  In order for me to get some quality time with my hubs, I had to develop a night time routine for the boys. That’s when I finally broke and compromised on this Cry-It-Out method.

It’s really important that we have a schedule not only for the boys but for us so that we can enjoy each other, recoup and prepare for the next day. Once we got the kids night time routine set, by 9pm Ryan and I have time to kick back and relax for an in home Date Night!

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Its all about approach


Couple Talking: Photo Credit

Too many times I can tell when a conversation takes a wrong turn. In a relationship usually when there are issues one person is being brutally honest or not honest enough. When one is being too honest it can leave the other party feeling undervalued, no respect, or even less of a person. When one isn’t being honest enough it can leave the other party feeling as if all is great while continuing to do the same things you have a problem with. Continue reading