Graduating to a new level

We can sense the fun we will have this year. It’s as if this year we’re more connected and ready to take on new challenges. We know what to expect from each other, we know our boundaries, we know our likes, and dislikes. A year of accepting things just the way they are! It’s like we’ve graduated to a new level of our marriage!
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The Henderson’s – “Ordinary People”

Since my 1st post on introducing myself and my blog I’ve been brainstorming on what to post next! Often when tidying up my home I listen to my NEO Soul station on Pandora (Note: I said tidying not cleaning lol). My husband came home for lunch and then John Legend “Ordinary People” came on. I smiled and said thats it! I should talk about our marriage first!

Photo Credit: Mike Newman of

Photo Credit: Mike Newman of

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