Special Announcement


Well, as you all can see Mr. Cameron just announced he is going to be a big brother! Yes, we are expecting our 3rd bundle of joy, June 2015! We are truly excited because we/Hubby couldn’t wait to tell our family and close friends. My darling husband started announcing before I even knew how far along I was. When I got my first ultra sound I was 4 weeks. SMH. Most wait until the 12th week to share but we couldn’t hold it. Lol and the fact that I’m already showing I couldn’t even hide it if I tried. I chose to share to the world after I hit 12 weeks. The first 2-3 months has been EXHAUSTING!!!! And I didn’t have the energy to write ANYTHING on my blog. All I could really think about was sharing my pregnancy journey with you. With this being my 3rd pregnancy I can definitely say there is a major difference from the 1st two. Though I’m hoping for a baby girl I’ll be in awe, whatever gender our God blesses us with.

With that said, that means we will not be finding out the sex. Lol I know, I know why would we do that? Honestly, I enjoy not knowing. He already gives us a blessing of a child what better gift is it for it to be a surprise. If you do not know, I did not find out the gender with my first, “RJ”. It was fun when someone asked if I knew what I was having. I would smile and respond “I don’t know.” Everyone was always surprised and asked “Why would I do that?”… I just prefer not to know! Honestly it wasn’t bad!  I asked for all neutral gifts! I knew we would have more kids and wanted to make sure it was easy to pass down the items to the siblings without having to worry about just pink and blue items like the stroller, car seat, bassinet, room décor, etc. Hmmm, maybe I’ll write a post about the neutral things I got and how easy it was? Let me know if you’re interested.


I have nothing against families that want to know the gender; I’ve tried it with my second child and to this day I regret knowing the gender lol. I don’t care about preparing for the baby’s arrival just because of the gender. I love neutral colors and of course if we have a boy well… he’ll just fall in line with his brothers’ lol. And everyone wants me to have a girl so I already know she’ll get tons of clothes from her grandparents and aunties lol. The only things I will have to get is maybe some newer items like a new bobby cover, bath towels, blankets, changing table pad, bib’s and burp cloths (I threw those out…after two babies lots of stains) and 0-3mth clothes. I donate the 0-3mth clothes because they are the cutest to go out and shop for the new baby lol with the trends changing so fast I think everyone should still shop just a tad for the new little one.

I’m excited to share my experience with past pregnancies, any issues I’m having, how we all are adjusting, my cravings, my joys, my fears, name debates, what I should and should not be doing lol, exercising, the list goes on and on! I found these cute Pregnancy Announcement photos on Pinterest.com and thought it would be awesome to recreate! I hope you enjoy our pregnancy announcement photos, it took a lot to get the boys to cooperate, lol!

Did you do any creative pregnancy announcements?



13 thoughts on “Special Announcement

    • Thanks so much Eboni!!!! I couldnt resist this creative annoucnment when I came across it 2mths ago!! Couldn’t wait to stage and shot! Thanks for coming by and supporting! Be sure to share with family and friends!!


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